“So I must say it quickly:

Whoever is in your life,

those who harm you,

those who help you,

those whom you do not know-

let them off the hook,

help them off the hook.

Recognize the hook.”

— Leonard Cohen, S.O.S. 1995

I don’t want to hang you up

but I have a lot of stuff

It’s everywhere and then it’s somewhere

It’s on a hook.

I didn’t want to put you there

but i didn’t want to lay you on the ground

It’s easy to put the coats with the coats

and the scarves and the belts with

all of the other stuff that’s long.

It’s just it’s been a while since I saw you

and since we talked and

It’s not that I love you

It’s just that I had to clean up.

I could throw you away

because you don’t have a spot

but i wanted to keep you

like that boa I got from Mardi Gras.

I can see you everyday

next to the shit that’s stayed

through snowstorms and college and fingerpainting

I want to take you down

but if you’re in a basket or the back of my dresser

I might forget you

and I’m scared.

If i take you down

You have to promise you’ll be found.

I’m doing it now

because its addicting:

Us hanging out.

I’m not saying goodbye

It’s just that I’m making some room in my closet and

I really hope you like it.

Published by movementperpetual

Forging a link between my life and the universe. A metaphysical self-improvement guide to navigate societal conventions surrounding sexuality as a sprouting feminist in hook-up culture. Hoping to share some life recipes that whoever reading can integrate into their own!

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